Art Deco and Designing

March 20, 2010

Perhaps no other art movement had such widespread influence as the Art Deco movement that started in Europe sometime in the 1920s and reached United States in the 1930s. Art Deco influenced designing in every field from furnitures to architecture and even car designing and consumer products and of course fashion.

Art Deco Architecture

However Art Deco had never been a single movement but was an amalgamation of many styles like Cubism, Art Noveau and Futurism and in the 1950s, it further gave birth to many other styles and art genres like the Memphis and the Pop Art. The art styles of 21st century like Superflat, Pseudorealism and even some of the post modernist styles show marked influences of Art Deco.

In fashion the influence of Art Deco was felt mostly in the 1940s. However the genre influenced mostly the jewellery and accessories designing. Its influence on the designing of couture had been limited.

Art Deco Head dress

Art Deco influnce in Jewellery designing

 Art Deco entered the Indian Fashion scene quite late and its influence had never been very marked. Indian Jewellery designing had always taken into consideration cost, utility and style and this is exactly what Art Deco always tried to achieve. Hence the influnce of this movement on Indian designing could never be properly delineated.


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