Fashion And Art

October 25, 2009

Fashion and Art had always been closely linked. Art Deco, Futurism, Art Noveau and other isms had been popularized not only by the artists but also by the fashion connoisseurs.
But Fashion always followed art and the opposite had been rare and generally quite subtle. This is because the art world worships originality and the fashion world salutes the popular.
Thus artists have always remained in hot pursuit of something new, something that the worl has never seen before. Fashion Moghuls had however watched the movements sitting on the edge. When a certain movement became popular, Fashion designers then adopted these styles into their lines.
Yet Artists have not remained entirely aloof of fashion. Artists have been influenced by their times and hence influence of contemporary fashion, however subtle had been there in the artists’ lives.
In this blog we are going to discuss the relation between fashion and style and art genres.


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